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Self guided cycling tours in Holland

Number of days:
Starting date:
Number of people:

You are invited to enjoy our large range of high standard bikes:

24 gear bike
12,00 € per day
7-speed electric bike
25,00 € per day
child's bike
10,00 € per day
child trailer
17.50 € per day
6,00 € per day
Child seat
5,00 € per day
Tandem (2 adults)
20,00 € per day
Tandem (adult+kid)
20,00 € per day

Please note:
Hired bikes are given at the starting point of your holiday and returned at the finish point.
All bikes are provided with chain locks.
Clients are fully responsible for damaged or stolen bikes. Full payment will be taken from the credit card by which the tour had been paid.
You may wish to make a theft insurance? Price is 3€ per a bike per day (6€ per electric bike)
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